Letter of recommendation from the City of Corona, Department of Water & Power.  "This letter is to inform you about the service quality provided by Pampered Panels.  Pampered Panels performs a monthly cleaning and inspection of 1728 solar panels.  They have performed excellent service in cleaning the panels and reporting any issues they might have observed.  They have proven to be an excellent service provider.    F. Garza, Chief Water Reclamation Operator


I have had my panels professionally cleaned by Pampered Panels, Inc.  What a difference!  The crew is skilled and has the equipment and knowledge to safely and completely clean the 27 panels on my second-story roof.  I'm on a scheduled cleaning so I  always get the best out of my solar electricity system.  -----  Pat Carnathan, Menifee, CA

Pampered Panels has been cleaning our system for about 5 years now.  We are on a scheduled maintenance plan and never have to worry about remembering when our panels need to be cleaned.   Pampered Panels e-mails us and let's us know when we are due.  The work they perform is extraordinary, and I have never had a complaint.  We had a problem with one of our inverters a couple of years ago  and when the solar company came out to check it out, they were amazed at what good condition our panels were in.  They told us our panels will last longer because we are so diligent in our cleaning.  Awesome news, and thank you Pampered Panels for all your work! --------Janna D, Corona, CA

Pampered Panels have been cleaning our solar panels for over a year and we couldn't be happier.  We have our panels cleaned monthly as we are in a high dust area.  They arrive on time and are always  very friendly and helpful.   We have seen a significant improvement on the panels efficiency readings since the cleanings. We highly recommend this company and their services! ---- Laura B, Corona, CA